What's New

Free tool to test your Shopify social images

When your customers share your product links, what do they see?

We've released a completely free tool to quickly check your Shopify store and a few of your product pages.

For our initial launch you can see your site and its products through the lens of Facebook, Twitter, and Apple iMessage inside a mock iPhone!

Please get in contact with us if you'd like help improving your Shopify store's social preview images.

Launching waitlist

A growing number of people have asked when we'll launch (soon!) and if they can be part of the test group. We've created a waitlist for everyone to join and make it fair.

If you know anyone who runs a Shopify stores, or anyone who designs Shopify stores, we would appreciate if you could let me know about Mocra Live Links, and ask them to join the waitlist.
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