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Recent Solutions

91% speed boost to test suite

Developers do not like to run slow test suites, they will not like to add new tests, and will try to skip the test suite to push urgent features to production. Slow test suites are a common cause of new features breaking old features.

Production Ruby on Rails web application spent 35 minutes to run its test suite on Gitlab CI. The Rspec test suite was parallelised, expensive FactoryBot objects were converted to dynamic fixtures, and the Gitlab jobs were merged to avoid unnecessary 1 minute bootstrapping. The finished test suite ran in 3 minutes.

Email tracking system

A proprietary ERP system allowed its users to send and received emails to clients and partners. They wanted to know when emails were opened, and links were clicked, so they intelligently knew if email was the best method to communicate with each client or partner.

A new API service was written and run in production that provided the ability to inject invisible tracking pixels into emails, and to rewrite links within emails to be trackable. The existing ERP system polled the API service regularly to learn if email recipients had opened emails or links.

Website design with Tailwind CSS

Mocra needed a new landing/marketing website.

This site was designed and developed iteratively using Tailwind CSS classes and default colour palette.



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